I honestly do not remember when it started, but from a young age I was into stamping. Of course, as a kid, nothing spectacular came out of my stamp creations, but I remember having lots of stamps and enjoying that. I started to make Christmas cards in High School using my stamping prowess and that is how I first started to make cards. The step to actually making a card as opposed to just stamping a nice Christmas image on a pre-made white card came about due to a friend of my mom’s when I was back living with my parents in Arizona. She is crafty lady extraordinare, having tons of stuff to make anything the heart could desire. She let me go through her stuff and I picked out one of her card making books.  I loved what I saw and really wanted to try to make something out of the book. I had limited supply of things to use, but she offered her craft room and I was set to go. The first card I made was for a friend’s birthday, it was not that great, but I thought it was a good effort on my part. It was my birthday at the time so i was able to pick up some card making supplies. I made a thank you card and later a Valentines day card. I wont write detailed accounts of everything, but thought giving some background would be useful to understand where I stand. I get ideas from books and online sites, I am not the creative type to come up with an idea all on my own, but can craft my own unique cards around what others have made. Thanks to the used book store down the street, I have three great books that are often my inspiration.

Below are two examples of cards I have made The first is a card I made this year, the second one is a card i made in 2010, one of the first cards I ever made. I really like how the first one came out, I like the design and color scheme. The second seems simplistic to me now, but I was very proud of it when I first made it.

I would not consider my card making as anything but a fun hobby. I like to make something unique for friends and family and find simple joy in making something to be proud of. So the point of this blog is to chronicle my adventuring through making cards and getting into books as a next step in paper love. With a dash of my silly cat thrown in for good measure!


First things first

I felt the need to write further and thought to write on the two things in my life which make me happy (though other things have that ability as well who wants a blog about 50 random things?) I love my cat, Sydney, a black basement cat who lives up to her name fully. Though she has her sweet moments, she still has her claws. I love paper crafting; in the past I have mostly just make cards but I made my first book this past week and hope to make more in the future…

That, as they say, is that! I’m collecting photos of my cards and will start the next posts with my first book project. (just an accordion book, but still I am proud of it)